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28 Aug 10

el moco

Limited edition super graphic design printed on tshirts, dresses, skirts and accessories in their Dawanda store and their Etsy store.  How can I describe their unique style?  Modern surrealism infused with mad doodles and street art style?  Just go have a look for yourself already.

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27 Aug 10


I’ve been following Hardtroze for some years now and their handbags just keep getting better.  Their beautiful limited-edition designs are handmade in Amsterdam.  New designs go online at 12 noon on the first Monday of every month when the Amsterdam ‘lunch alarm’ goes off.  The site is a little bit of a Dutch/English mix, but if you want these bags hard enough, you’ll find your way to the checkout.

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24 Aug 10

zoe chen

Zoe chen is an illustrator and designer from San Fransisco who sells very cute clothes in her Etsy boutique.  Her drawings are printed onto tshirts, skirts, dresses, hoodies, etc and range from ducks and cats to umbrellas and paper planes.  Some are sugar sweet while others are more understated and simple, but they’re all drawn in her bold graphic signature style.

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17 Aug 10

emily ryan

Emily Ryan’s Etsy store is a showcase of beautifully cut and crafted clothing.  She produces two small collections per year as well as custom one-of-a-kind pieces.  Her inspiration includes “modern sculptural designs that explore texture and shape”.  This is as apparent as the attention to detail in her design, construction and presentation.

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16 Aug 10

lisa stickley

Adorable bags, home furnishings and tableware.  Artist and designer Lisa Stickley is quickly gaining success with her contemporary retro designs, now selling at Liberties and the Tate Modern.  Much of it is produced in her original London studio, but she also uses off-shore production.  You can buy her stuff online via her website.

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10 Aug 10


This independent clothing label is a one-woman show from Brooklyn, NY.  The profile on her mydearthing Etsy store says she designs, drafts, cuts, sews, dyes, and knits everything herself!  Many of the fabrics and fibres are organic and all appear to be chosen by a textile nerd.  :)   I have a lovely soft bamboo tshirt from this store and the easy freestyle way it’s been cut and sewn (raw edges with the “official” face of the fabric on the inside) has made it a favourite.

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06 Aug 10

mohop shoes

I’m fascinated by Mohop Shoes.  They’re wooden shoes that are carved (turned?) to order.  I know!  They’ve been designed with an intricate system of ribbons and hooks to achieve countless different looks and are available in maple, cherry or walnut.  These shoes look fab and I believe her when she says on her site that they’re comfortable.  If anyone has a pair, let me know…

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03 Aug 10

mind what you wear

i used to be a bottleFull disclosure: Bea from Mind What You Wear is a friend of mine.  But I’m putting her on this list because she has some great stuff and she stands firmly behind the cause of ethical consumerism.  Her own clothing line is characterised by tongue-in-cheek(y) political statements and “clothes that make you go hmmm”.  Her website also carries lines of clothing, accessories and objects from other independent artists and designers.

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02 Aug 10

sock dreams

I first discovered Sock Dreams through an ad they’d placed in Bust Magazine.  They’re an independent retail company with a real passion for quality socks and tights.  They stock many eco-friendly and organic products as well as garters, gloves and petticoats!  Many of the products they sell are made by small, independent enterprises from all over the world.

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01 Aug 10


Silberfischer design printed tshirts and hoodies with a bold graphic style.  They also do buttons, bags and wall decals.  They’re an independent design studio based in Berlin and very friendly retailers!

They have their own website where you can buy their lovely stuff, and also a dawanda store.

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