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27 Sep 10

talking squid

The Talking Squid Etsy store is where you can buy these shag-a-licious rugs made from 100% recycled t-shirts.  The simple, modern designs are created on the premise that recycled products don’t have to look “recycled”.  Choose from a range of different sizes and colours.

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24 Sep 10

taylor says

Of course you want the bottom of your high heels painted like a skateboard… don’t you?  California artist Taylor Reeve paints original art in tattoo/graffiti/pop art style on outrageous high-rise shoes and sells them in her Etsy store.  These are what I call “sitting down shoes”, but that makes them all the easier to show off.

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20 Sep 10

liza rietz

Another super-talented and professional designer selling on Etsy, Lisa Rietz produces small-run, handmade clothing.  She shows versatility as a designer with both structured and softer, layered designs, all using natural fibres.  You can get a feel for her personality and see previous collections on her website.  Shop online for one of her gorgeous pieces (she also makes cute hats!) via her Etsy store.

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17 Sep 10


Bracelets, neckwarmers, cowls, little knitted rings…  Accessorius is a textile accessories label made in Finland and selling on Etsy.  Styles are simple and versatile and most will keep you warm through winter.

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13 Sep 10


The only thing that is better than ThokkThokk’s graphic bold prints is the long list of karma points this brand is accumulating.  100% organic cotton, 100% fair trade, sweatshop free, waterbased inks…  what more can we ask for?  Oh, did I mention that no one will be able to tell you’re a hippy when you’re wearing these tees?  Buy online from their Dawanda store, or their own online shop.  You can read all about them and their long list of credentials on the ThokkThokk website.

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09 Sep 10


Tinctory is a handmade textile jewellery label made in the UK.  Eva makes some of the most original and beautiful jewellery I’ve seen online, and I was completely enamoured of it even before I found out that she uses vintage materials dyed with natural plant dyes!  The Tinctory range is available online at her Big Cartel store.  If you’re as taken with these pieces as much as I am, check out her blog for a peek into her process and inspiration.

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06 Sep 10

rhea belle

It took me a while to realise that Rhea Belle apparel specialises in post-mastectomy clothing.  This informs the design, but the wrappy, drapey, asymmetrical lines will look good on everyone.  Handmade in New York.

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03 Sep 10

thongbai tatong

One-woman show from the Netherlands.  Her loosely collection-based and limited edition runs are for sale via her Etsy store.  Clothing, scarves and bags in her ‘cool craft’ textile collage style.  She also blogs about her latest designs, if you just can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

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01 Sep 10

wellery je

Look what I found on Dawanda!  Young designer wellery Je (geddit, Je-wellery?) makes, among other things, delicious rings in artful, playful styles.  They’re made with white enamel – the kind used on metal camping cups and plates – and have either a bleeding edge of colour or a textile stitched feature.  You can even change the colour of the thread yourself if you’re handy like that.

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