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29 Nov 10

isabel amyo

Isabel Amyo is a self-taught fashion designer from Bordeaux, France.  Everything is handmade by the designer, mostly cut from natural fibre fabrics.  Her style is under-stated, relaxed yet elegant.  Easy to wear, but with enough special details to put these pieces at the front of your wardrobe.  Buy on Etsy and Dawanda.

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26 Nov 10


Uloni is grapic designer Lana Bragina’s Etsy store where she sells her gorgeous, free-form crochet jewellry.  Her style is very designer organic, and you can imagine each piece growing naturally from her crochet hook.  Each piece is a one-of-a-kind.

She also co-hosts We Swap, a web community for artists, crafters and makers to swap products with each other.

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22 Nov 10

dmetal + lunaticart

Dmetal sells body jewelery on Etsy, such as shoulder jewelery, fine chain harnesses and feather epaulettes.  All components for her jewelery are fabricated locally in Paris.

The Dmetal designer has another range on Etsy called Lunaticart, where she sells her silver jewelery, all made from reclaimed, recycled silver.

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19 Nov 10

piper and paisley

Piper and Paisley make really cute hats and sell them on Etsy.  Choose from slouchy brim hats like the one pictured, or more structured, wool and heavy cotton in feminine, urban styles.  If you just can’t wait until new collections are on sale, follow them on Facebook for updates.

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17 Nov 10

patricia valery

In her bio on her website, Patricia Valery says “I’m not trying to turn the fashion world upside down… I just want to make attractive and comfortable clothing…” which is pretty refreshing to read.  The last year or so I’ve watched her collection evolve from playful, skate-girl streetwear into more understated, fashion-forward pieces.  Handmade and reasonably priced for sale in her Etsy store.

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15 Nov 10


Stepanka is a Czech ceramic artist living and working in New York.  Specialising in hand-painted porcelain objects, most of what you’ll find in her Etsy store is a cup or a mug or a “wall pillow”.  It’s the wall pillows that fascinate me – each one is illustrated, stamped and glazed by hand.  Her work is pleasingly playful and sentimental at the same time.  See more on her website or follow her on that facebook thing.

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12 Nov 10

out of line

Out of Line is a one-woman, Seatle-based handmade fashion label.  Simple, flattering cuts with subtle, geometric and linear embellishments make up her on-going collection of comfortable, stylish women’s clothing, hats and scarves.  Buy on Etsy or read her blog.

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09 Nov 10


Elin Thomas’s work has its roots in lichen and fungi.  Using crochet and embroidery techniques to imitate nature, she creates tactile, organic forms in a range of colours and incorporates them into art, accessories and and home furnishings.  Her work has been featured at The Natural History Museum in London and The Museum of Craft in San Francisco.  Buy from her Etsy store or read about what she’s up to on her blog.

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08 Nov 10


Australian designer label Hopeless specialises in supercute, vintage-inspired handmade lingerie, loungewear and accessories.  Satin bras, cotton playsuits, giant hair bows and jersey knit bodysuits are all “inspired by feminine beauties of all eras”.  Available from their Etsy store.

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03 Nov 10

jimbob art

James Ward aka Jimbob Art is an illustrator from London who sells prints and illustrated ceramics on Folksy, Etsy and Dawanda.  His current range features anthropomorphised woodland creatures and farm animals interacting with the food on your plate.  From the grisly bear Sandwich Defender to the Monsieur Mangetout dapper goat, all are hand drawn directly onto the ceramic.  See more of his work and what he’s up to on his blog.

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