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28 Dec 10

good morning – midnight

The continuous clothing collection from anti-elitist, no caps good morning – midnight is what might’ve happened if Courrèges had done the styling for TXH 1138.  The about page on their site cites progressive sustainability and fashion as a contribution to a classless society as inspiration, but dammit they make some sweet threads.  If this is Marxist fashion, can I join the party?  Help these talented producers reconnect with you, the (stylish) consumer.  Buy on Dawanda.  Buy on Etsy.

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23 Dec 10

bailey doesn’t bark

Beautifully simple tableware and paper goods handmade by Bailey Doesn’t Bark.  Inspired by “memories, dreams and nature”, bees, spiders and ants adorn ceramics, cushions and stationery along with more abstract forms.  The Useful Towel is doubly practical, both for drying dishes and helping with kitchen measurement conversions.

Buy on their website or on Etsy.

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21 Dec 10

okapi knits

Beautifully crafted limited-edition crochet and knitted clothes, accessories and soft jewelery.  Okapi Knits is an independent French design label, making both hand- and machine-knitted textiles.  Colours are understated and carefully-chosen.  The style is loungy, futurist, modern.  Why yes, you can buy it on Etsy.

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19 Dec 10

chick’s lab

Looking for statement jewelry?  Look no further than Chick’s Lab – an independent jewelery designer from Italy, who’s not afraid of bold, unconventional forms and colours.  Her jewelery ranges from strikingly fashion-forward to craftily quirky, and all of it is handmade by the designer.

Buy from (among others) Etsy or Big Cartel or follow her blog.

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16 Dec 10

tina rice

Tina Rice’s Etsy and Dawanda stores showcase her striking copper enamel jewelery.  I especially like the “wings” series (pictured), which is simply made up of enameled tabs strung on necklaces and earrings.  The minimalism of the design allows the focus to fall on the depth of colour and incidental textures formed by the enameling process.  A quick scan through her blog tells me she has many other creative outlets.

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13 Dec 10


Malam is one of those crafty fashion designers for whom Etsy was made and you can tell she puts her heart and soul into her handmade creations.  Her Poupees Perdues (Lost Dolls) collection features one-off and limited edition designs ranging from key wardrobe items to her signature cheeky, quirky pieces, many using recycled, hand-dyed and re-worked industrial textiles.

Browse her collection on Etsy, follow her blog or friend her on facebook.

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09 Dec 10

nina fuehrer

I found Nina Fuehrer a few years ago at a small designer pop-up shop, where I bought one of her knitted fishes to give as a gift and never gave it away!  So I was happy to see that she’s still designing and that her talents have spread beyond accessories and into clothing.  You can place an order through her site – it’s all in German, but you’ll figure it out if you really want one of those gorgeous denim dresses or cute mohair pussycat bags!

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06 Dec 10

maap studio

Feeling a bit girly?  Maap Studio makes beautiful jewelery that will surely satisfy your urge to go running through a field of flowers.  Each ring/bracelet/necklace is hand-crafted in fine parian porcelain.  Pastel shades are formed into flowers reminiscent of wedding-cake icing and the matte finish gives the jewelery a special warmth.  If you’re looking for something less frilly, take a look at her polka-dotted braille rings.  Etsy or All Things Original.

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03 Dec 10


Seattle-based Karl Addison is the creative talent behind Partybots.  His illustrations range from the strange to the subtle to the simply cool, but what seals the deal is his commitment to low environmental impact production methods and materials.  Printing on organic cotton and using platen glue, soy-based cleaners, and screen printing solvents that utilize renewable soy.  Buy online from Dawanda or Etsy.

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