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28 Mar 11

rose la biche

Urban design label rose la biche repurposes t-shirts, dresses, hoodies and more by adding flaps, frills, ruffles and rosettes.  Seemingly simple transformations turn comfortable wardrobe basics into nonchalantly sophisticated designer clothes.  Buy them for yourself from her Etsy store.

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25 Mar 11

veronica vartic

Lovely leather belts, spats, wristbands and bags all handmade by Veronica Vartic in Belguim.  I particularly like her long, loopy feather belts for everyday minimalist hippie style…  Buy from her Etsy shop and or check out her website.


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21 Mar 11


I’ve seen the meticulous workmanship of Stash bags with my own two eyes and I was impressed.  Laptop, iPod, camera bags are all made from recycled vintage fabrics (many of them woolens) wherever possible.  Your one-stop shop for your pinstriped worsted Kindle cozy!  Selling on Etsy.

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18 Mar 11

ellaina boutique

Sue Bradbury produces her understated, casual and affordable clothing collection in her home in Portland, Oregon.  Her elegant, comfortable designs are insanely wearable and look like they’d become instant wardrobe favourites.  Buy from her Etsy store or visit her website.


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14 Mar 11


Marañón (cashew fruit) is Etsy member Spinthread’s shop.  She makes clever, geometric embroidered mini-works of textile art and converts them into jewelery.  Not following any fashion except her own, these pieces are simple yet striking.

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11 Mar 11


Minx has very cute, romantic clothing and accessories with a vintage edge.  Anna-Marie from Pittsburgh, USA somehow manages to combine nostalgia with contemporary themes.  Want to see how that looks?  Check her new designs her blog as they come fresh off the sewing machine on or just go buy it from the Minxshop on Etsy!

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07 Mar 11


Ampule creations are coaxed into existence in a small studio in Amsterdam by a film maker and artist who also happens to be a friend of mine!  A woman of many talents with a rampant imagination and exacting technical standards, her designs have been selling for some time at pop-up shops and to private clients, but are just recently available on Etsy.  Bold graphics and tongue-in-cheek black humour are themes in her work, including her latest collection Historical Figures: Decapitated Women.  Guaranteed to turn heads!

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04 Mar 11

les filles by

Caroline Rossignol and Edwin Abaka are LES FILLES by, working out of their studio in Harlem, NY.  Their current capsule collection is inspired by vintage menswear styles.  Angles, prints, subtle colours and fabrics that perfectly compliment their geometric cuts are hallmarks of this line.  And guess what?  You can buy them on Etsy.

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