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22 Jun 11


Fashion label Dollkiller from Berlin has a flattering and fashion-forward collection this season.  Cool and urban, sometimes experimental, sometimes basics, sometimes in-between, everything is handmade by the designer.  You sew girl!  The collection is available via both Dawanda and Big Cartel.

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15 Apr 11


Astrid Bucker is a New York-based stylist and costume designer with her own limited-run label, Astridland.  The pieces are beautifully designed and made by hand from lovely fabrics.  She also makes bags, jewelery and other accessories, all available to buy on Dawanda or Etsy.  You can check out her work as a stylist and costume designer for film on her website.

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11 Apr 11

bonny & ried

Bonny und Ried is a collection from independent Berlin designer Maren Lass.  The whole range follows a bright and breezy nautical theme reminiscent of Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic and comes in plastic-free packaging!  Buy on Dawanda, or read more about it on the Bonny und Ried website.

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25 Feb 11

novedades dorins

Barcelona label Novedades Dorins makes those timeless wardrobe staples that you’ll want to buy multiple items of.  Her range is based on bold retro printed skirts stitched onto easy stretch cotton t-shirts and tanks.  Clothes to live in.  Buy on Dawanda or follow her blog.

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14 Feb 11


Martice is a busy student at Leiden University in The Netherlands who makes cute stuff in her spare time.  Most of her items are knitted, including these charmingly simple textile necklaces.  She also makes laptop and iPod cozies, ceramic tile earrings and knitted pears!  Find her on Etsy and Dawanda.

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28 Dec 10

good morning – midnight

The continuous clothing collection from anti-elitist, no caps good morning – midnight is what might’ve happened if Courrèges had done the styling for TXH 1138.  The about page on their site cites progressive sustainability and fashion as a contribution to a classless society as inspiration, but dammit they make some sweet threads.  If this is Marxist fashion, can I join the party?  Help these talented producers reconnect with you, the (stylish) consumer.  Buy on Dawanda.  Buy on Etsy.

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16 Dec 10

tina rice

Tina Rice’s Etsy and Dawanda stores showcase her striking copper enamel jewelery.  I especially like the “wings” series (pictured), which is simply made up of enameled tabs strung on necklaces and earrings.  The minimalism of the design allows the focus to fall on the depth of colour and incidental textures formed by the enameling process.  A quick scan through her blog tells me she has many other creative outlets.

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29 Nov 10

isabel amyo

Isabel Amyo is a self-taught fashion designer from Bordeaux, France.  Everything is handmade by the designer, mostly cut from natural fibre fabrics.  Her style is under-stated, relaxed yet elegant.  Easy to wear, but with enough special details to put these pieces at the front of your wardrobe.  Buy on Etsy and Dawanda.

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03 Nov 10

jimbob art

James Ward aka Jimbob Art is an illustrator from London who sells prints and illustrated ceramics on Folksy, Etsy and Dawanda.  His current range features anthropomorphised woodland creatures and farm animals interacting with the food on your plate.  From the grisly bear Sandwich Defender to the Monsieur Mangetout dapper goat, all are hand drawn directly onto the ceramic.  See more of his work and what he’s up to on his blog.

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15 Oct 10

janine basil

Tiny hats!  Who doesn’t love a tiny hat?  Janine Basil is a milliner from the UK who can furnish your head with anything from a think-bubble fascinator to a beautiful burlesque top hat.  Buy a crown for your little princess (or big queen!) on Folksy, Dawanda, Big Cartel or Etsy.

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