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04 Oct 10


Maria Lucia Squillari’s clothing line, Larimeloom, is understated and relaxed with basic cuts putting focus on the texture of the fabric.  Edges are often left raw and fitting left to the wearer with drapes and ties, giving the label a kind of boho-chic look.  She makes everything from her home in Italy and sometimes even weaves the cloth herself!  Available on Etsy, Dawanda and Artfire.

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13 Sep 10


The only thing that is better than ThokkThokk’s graphic bold prints is the long list of karma points this brand is accumulating.  100% organic cotton, 100% fair trade, sweatshop free, waterbased inks…  what more can we ask for?  Oh, did I mention that no one will be able to tell you’re a hippy when you’re wearing these tees?  Buy online from their Dawanda store, or their own online shop.  You can read all about them and their long list of credentials on the ThokkThokk website.

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01 Sep 10

wellery je

Look what I found on Dawanda!  Young designer wellery Je (geddit, Je-wellery?) makes, among other things, delicious rings in artful, playful styles.  They’re made with white enamel – the kind used on metal camping cups and plates – and have either a bleeding edge of colour or a textile stitched feature.  You can even change the colour of the thread yourself if you’re handy like that.

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28 Aug 10

el moco

Limited edition super graphic design printed on tshirts, dresses, skirts and accessories in their Dawanda store and their Etsy store.  How can I describe their unique style?  Modern surrealism infused with mad doodles and street art style?  Just go have a look for yourself already.

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01 Aug 10


Silberfischer design printed tshirts and hoodies with a bold graphic style.  They also do buttons, bags and wall decals.  They’re an independent design studio based in Berlin and very friendly retailers!

They have their own website where you can buy their lovely stuff, and also a dawanda store.

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