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09 Jul 11


Dadaya is the Etsy shop of buddy stylist Shan Shan, who lives in (can you guess?) Japan.  Her super-cute felted berets, mittens, scarves, etc are wearable works of art available by custom order only.  Check our her Etsy Featured Seller interview to find out more about her, or visit her blog or website.  She also has a lovely collection of vintage finds for sale on both Big Cartel and Etsy.

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17 Jun 11


Etsy star, TorillaGirl makes everything in her shop by natural daylight, in order to reduce her carbon footprint.  What else?  She uses only cruelty-free, local textiles sourced in France where she lives.  What else?  She makes lovely understated things, from linen tunics to knitted accessories – all with craft and care and attention to detail you can see in the finished products.  See more on her website or buy on Etsy.

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09 Dec 10

nina fuehrer

I found Nina Fuehrer a few years ago at a small designer pop-up shop, where I bought one of her knitted fishes to give as a gift and never gave it away!  So I was happy to see that she’s still designing and that her talents have spread beyond accessories and into clothing.  You can place an order through her site – it’s all in German, but you’ll figure it out if you really want one of those gorgeous denim dresses or cute mohair pussycat bags!

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19 Nov 10

piper and paisley

Piper and Paisley make really cute hats and sell them on Etsy.  Choose from slouchy brim hats like the one pictured, or more structured, wool and heavy cotton in feminine, urban styles.  If you just can’t wait until new collections are on sale, follow them on Facebook for updates.

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12 Nov 10

out of line

Out of Line is a one-woman, Seatle-based handmade fashion label.  Simple, flattering cuts with subtle, geometric and linear embellishments make up her on-going collection of comfortable, stylish women’s clothing, hats and scarves.  Buy on Etsy or read her blog.

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15 Oct 10

janine basil

Tiny hats!  Who doesn’t love a tiny hat?  Janine Basil is a milliner from the UK who can furnish your head with anything from a think-bubble fascinator to a beautiful burlesque top hat.  Buy a crown for your little princess (or big queen!) on Folksy, Dawanda, Big Cartel or Etsy.

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20 Sep 10

liza rietz

Another super-talented and professional designer selling on Etsy, Lisa Rietz produces small-run, handmade clothing.  She shows versatility as a designer with both structured and softer, layered designs, all using natural fibres.  You can get a feel for her personality and see previous collections on her website.  Shop online for one of her gorgeous pieces (she also makes cute hats!) via her Etsy store.

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