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04 Jan 11


I think I had a dream like this once, but that’s another story.  Bestiarios are the work of Milanese designer miss-tal.  She’s created a range of delightfully strange illustrations to sell on t-shirts, wallpaper and brooches like the one pictured.  The brooches are laser-cut in Germany, while the shirts are manufactured by an online service using pretty well-known t-shirt brands.  Oh yes, and all the illustrations are available as free iPhone wallpapers, in case you don’t want to part with any actual cash…

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09 Dec 10

nina fuehrer

I found Nina Fuehrer a few years ago at a small designer pop-up shop, where I bought one of her knitted fishes to give as a gift and never gave it away!  So I was happy to see that she’s still designing and that her talents have spread beyond accessories and into clothing.  You can place an order through her site – it’s all in German, but you’ll figure it out if you really want one of those gorgeous denim dresses or cute mohair pussycat bags!

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03 Dec 10


Seattle-based Karl Addison is the creative talent behind Partybots.  His illustrations range from the strange to the subtle to the simply cool, but what seals the deal is his commitment to low environmental impact production methods and materials.  Printing on organic cotton and using platen glue, soy-based cleaners, and screen printing solvents that utilize renewable soy.  Buy online from Dawanda or Etsy.

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01 Oct 10


Quoil is not only an online gallery, but an actual real-life gallery in Wellington, New Zealand.  Their site is an excellent springboard to New Zealand contemporary jewelery design.  There is a wide range of styles on the site, many with a local flavour, and all with a high standard of craftsmanship.  My faves include Neke Moa, Kathryn Yeats, Victoria McIntosh and Phillipa Gee (pictured).  Prices are in New Zealand Dollars.

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13 Sep 10


The only thing that is better than ThokkThokk’s graphic bold prints is the long list of karma points this brand is accumulating.  100% organic cotton, 100% fair trade, sweatshop free, waterbased inks…  what more can we ask for?  Oh, did I mention that no one will be able to tell you’re a hippy when you’re wearing these tees?  Buy online from their Dawanda store, or their own online shop.  You can read all about them and their long list of credentials on the ThokkThokk website.

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28 Aug 10

el moco

Limited edition super graphic design printed on tshirts, dresses, skirts and accessories in their Dawanda store and their Etsy store.  How can I describe their unique style?  Modern surrealism infused with mad doodles and street art style?  Just go have a look for yourself already.

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24 Aug 10

zoe chen

Zoe chen is an illustrator and designer from San Fransisco who sells very cute clothes in her Etsy boutique.  Her drawings are printed onto tshirts, skirts, dresses, hoodies, etc and range from ducks and cats to umbrellas and paper planes.  Some are sugar sweet while others are more understated and simple, but they’re all drawn in her bold graphic signature style.

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16 Aug 10

lisa stickley

Adorable bags, home furnishings and tableware.  Artist and designer Lisa Stickley is quickly gaining success with her contemporary retro designs, now selling at Liberties and the Tate Modern.  Much of it is produced in her original London studio, but she also uses off-shore production.  You can buy her stuff online via her website.

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02 Aug 10

sock dreams

I first discovered Sock Dreams through an ad they’d placed in Bust Magazine.  They’re an independent retail company with a real passion for quality socks and tights.  They stock many eco-friendly and organic products as well as garters, gloves and petticoats!  Many of the products they sell are made by small, independent enterprises from all over the world.

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01 Aug 10


Silberfischer design printed tshirts and hoodies with a bold graphic style.  They also do buttons, bags and wall decals.  They’re an independent design studio based in Berlin and very friendly retailers!

They have their own website where you can buy their lovely stuff, and also a dawanda store.

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