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01 Apr 11


Geometric twists, turns, pleats and tucks are the hallmarks of Italian label, Ninù.  Designer Sandra Comas makes everything by hand, creating bags, clothing and occasionally jewelery.  You can follow her blog for sneak previews or buy from one of her online stores, at Etsy or Supermarket.


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28 Feb 11

signora luna

Get your Italian designer paper jewelery from Signora Luna.  Hand-folded and lacquered to give it a protective layer.  Ideal for a first anniversary gift, definitely a conversation-piece, but not for singing in the shower.  Available on Etsy.

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31 Jan 11


Super-sophisticated Sylvia66 was born to knit!  Everything from textile jewelery to wraps and shrugs, it all exudes attention to detail and professional craftsmanship.  Her designs are often romantic and luxurious, and always made of high quality fibres and materials.  Buy on Etsy or follow her blog.

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04 Jan 11


I think I had a dream like this once, but that’s another story.  Bestiarios are the work of Milanese designer miss-tal.  She’s created a range of delightfully strange illustrations to sell on t-shirts, wallpaper and brooches like the one pictured.  The brooches are laser-cut in Germany, while the shirts are manufactured by an online service using pretty well-known t-shirt brands.  Oh yes, and all the illustrations are available as free iPhone wallpapers, in case you don’t want to part with any actual cash…

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19 Dec 10

chick’s lab

Looking for statement jewelry?  Look no further than Chick’s Lab – an independent jewelery designer from Italy, who’s not afraid of bold, unconventional forms and colours.  Her jewelery ranges from strikingly fashion-forward to craftily quirky, and all of it is handmade by the designer.

Buy from (among others) Etsy or Big Cartel or follow her blog.

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04 Oct 10


Maria Lucia Squillari’s clothing line, Larimeloom, is understated and relaxed with basic cuts putting focus on the texture of the fabric.  Edges are often left raw and fitting left to the wearer with drapes and ties, giving the label a kind of boho-chic look.  She makes everything from her home in Italy and sometimes even weaves the cloth herself!  Available on Etsy, Dawanda and Artfire.

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