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08 Apr 11

nomilk today

Really, who doesn’t like geometric jewelery?  Especially the lovely stuff in nomilk today’s Etsy shop.  Handcrafted from polymer clay, these tiny tasteful triangles, squares, parallelograms and rhombuses are available in many colours and styles.  Go on, indulge your inner Pythagorean.

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14 Mar 11


Marañón (cashew fruit) is Etsy member Spinthread’s shop.  She makes clever, geometric embroidered mini-works of textile art and converts them into jewelery.  Not following any fashion except her own, these pieces are simple yet striking.

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28 Feb 11

signora luna

Get your Italian designer paper jewelery from Signora Luna.  Hand-folded and lacquered to give it a protective layer.  Ideal for a first anniversary gift, definitely a conversation-piece, but not for singing in the shower.  Available on Etsy.

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14 Feb 11


Martice is a busy student at Leiden University in The Netherlands who makes cute stuff in her spare time.  Most of her items are knitted, including these charmingly simple textile necklaces.  She also makes laptop and iPod cozies, ceramic tile earrings and knitted pears!  Find her on Etsy and Dawanda.

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04 Feb 11

white owl

Sister duo White Owl make their jewelery from both new and recycled materials.  Their collection is currently largely made using lace and brocades, and I love the way their Etsy shop looks like they’ve taken the best pickings from their grandmother’s attic.

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31 Jan 11


Super-sophisticated Sylvia66 was born to knit!  Everything from textile jewelery to wraps and shrugs, it all exudes attention to detail and professional craftsmanship.  Her designs are often romantic and luxurious, and always made of high quality fibres and materials.  Buy on Etsy or follow her blog.

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28 Jan 11

the black spot books

Need tiny books to hang around your neck?  The Black Spot Books has them in their Etsy store! Margaux Kent and her husband Walter are up to much more recycling, reclaiming and designing with their studio The Ped and Awl.  You can tell by reading their blog.

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10 Jan 11

niu taller

Niu Taller is Spanish ceramicist Mónica Tort Bori’s studio, where she produces all sorts of lovely pieces, mostly in porcelain.  Her necklaces, rings, brooches, buttons and tiles all share her hand-painted graphics and chunky forms.  You can visit the Niu Taller website, check out her blog or buy on Etsy.

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04 Jan 11


I think I had a dream like this once, but that’s another story.  Bestiarios are the work of Milanese designer miss-tal.  She’s created a range of delightfully strange illustrations to sell on t-shirts, wallpaper and brooches like the one pictured.  The brooches are laser-cut in Germany, while the shirts are manufactured by an online service using pretty well-known t-shirt brands.  Oh yes, and all the illustrations are available as free iPhone wallpapers, in case you don’t want to part with any actual cash…

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21 Dec 10

okapi knits

Beautifully crafted limited-edition crochet and knitted clothes, accessories and soft jewelery.  Okapi Knits is an independent French design label, making both hand- and machine-knitted textiles.  Colours are understated and carefully-chosen.  The style is loungy, futurist, modern.  Why yes, you can buy it on Etsy.

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