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20 Jan 11

jessalin beutler

Seattle-based artist Jessalin Beutler has a background in drawing and printmaking, which informs her geometric, graphic style.  What is really special about her t-shirts, tanks and sundry textiles is that she hand paints the designs.  Something special awaits you at her Etsy store.

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06 Jan 11


Real cute illustrations on tees, including organic cotton and bamboo.  Styles range from folk-art inspired to scandinavian style to hippie-chic to just nice drawings, somehow remaining very current without looking like all the other printed t-shirts out there.   All handmade in Nashville, USA.  Read about them on their website, buy them on Etsy or watch the Etsy handmade portrait mini-documentary about their creative process.

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04 Jan 11


I think I had a dream like this once, but that’s another story.  Bestiarios are the work of Milanese designer miss-tal.  She’s created a range of delightfully strange illustrations to sell on t-shirts, wallpaper and brooches like the one pictured.  The brooches are laser-cut in Germany, while the shirts are manufactured by an online service using pretty well-known t-shirt brands.  Oh yes, and all the illustrations are available as free iPhone wallpapers, in case you don’t want to part with any actual cash…

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28 Dec 10

good morning – midnight

The continuous clothing collection from anti-elitist, no caps good morning – midnight is what might’ve happened if Courrèges had done the styling for TXH 1138.  The about page on their site cites progressive sustainability and fashion as a contribution to a classless society as inspiration, but dammit they make some sweet threads.  If this is Marxist fashion, can I join the party?  Help these talented producers reconnect with you, the (stylish) consumer.  Buy on Dawanda.  Buy on Etsy.

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13 Dec 10


Malam is one of those crafty fashion designers for whom Etsy was made and you can tell she puts her heart and soul into her handmade creations.  Her Poupees Perdues (Lost Dolls) collection features one-off and limited edition designs ranging from key wardrobe items to her signature cheeky, quirky pieces, many using recycled, hand-dyed and re-worked industrial textiles.

Browse her collection on Etsy, follow her blog or friend her on facebook.

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03 Dec 10


Seattle-based Karl Addison is the creative talent behind Partybots.  His illustrations range from the strange to the subtle to the simply cool, but what seals the deal is his commitment to low environmental impact production methods and materials.  Printing on organic cotton and using platen glue, soy-based cleaners, and screen printing solvents that utilize renewable soy.  Buy online from Dawanda or Etsy.

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31 Oct 10

ruffeo hearts lil’ snotty

With product names like Spagflation and Mystical Geoduck, Ruffeo Hearts Lil’ Snotty are an off-the-wall, tongue-in-cheek fashion label from Brooklyn, NY.  Their multi-paneled, multi-coloured pieces are just the ticket in a recession.  Go to their Etsy store and join the fun, because, really, we should all be wearing undies called Rainbows Shooting from a Mystical Clam in these troubled times.

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13 Sep 10


The only thing that is better than ThokkThokk’s graphic bold prints is the long list of karma points this brand is accumulating.  100% organic cotton, 100% fair trade, sweatshop free, waterbased inks…  what more can we ask for?  Oh, did I mention that no one will be able to tell you’re a hippy when you’re wearing these tees?  Buy online from their Dawanda store, or their own online shop.  You can read all about them and their long list of credentials on the ThokkThokk website.

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28 Aug 10

el moco

Limited edition super graphic design printed on tshirts, dresses, skirts and accessories in their Dawanda store and their Etsy store.  How can I describe their unique style?  Modern surrealism infused with mad doodles and street art style?  Just go have a look for yourself already.

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03 Aug 10

mind what you wear

i used to be a bottleFull disclosure: Bea from Mind What You Wear is a friend of mine.  But I’m putting her on this list because she has some great stuff and she stands firmly behind the cause of ethical consumerism.  Her own clothing line is characterised by tongue-in-cheek(y) political statements and “clothes that make you go hmmm”.  Her website also carries lines of clothing, accessories and objects from other independent artists and designers.

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