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30 Apr 11


Celinda Versluis of celinda.ceramics in the Netherlands collects vintage ceramics and repaints them with charming illustrations.  She favours minimalist and modern graphics, often with one of her four French ladies, Les Belles Dames, and you can clearly see the care and patience she puts into each piece.  Buy one (or more) from her Etsy store.

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07 Mar 11


Ampule creations are coaxed into existence in a small studio in Amsterdam by a film maker and artist who also happens to be a friend of mine!  A woman of many talents with a rampant imagination and exacting technical standards, her designs have been selling for some time at pop-up shops and to private clients, but are just recently available on Etsy.  Bold graphics and tongue-in-cheek black humour are themes in her work, including her latest collection Historical Figures: Decapitated Women.  Guaranteed to turn heads!

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14 Feb 11


Martice is a busy student at Leiden University in The Netherlands who makes cute stuff in her spare time.  Most of her items are knitted, including these charmingly simple textile necklaces.  She also makes laptop and iPod cozies, ceramic tile earrings and knitted pears!  Find her on Etsy and Dawanda.

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18 Oct 10


Ninainvorm is Dutch student Nina van de Goor’s Etsy shop.  Here you can buy her handprinted and painted “upcycled” vintage ceramics, prints and whatever else she is inspired to create.  You can see on her blog that she’s a total aesthete, arranging and photographing her collections beautifully.

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08 Oct 10

cat priem

Full disclosure: Cat Priem is a friend of mine, but that just means I know first-hand how talented she is and how hard she works!  Her latest collection Trophies of a Serial Killer is a cheeky comment on the double lives of domestic cats (lovely fluffy by day, vicious hunter by night).  Each painstakingly created piece is a mini work of art and an absolute conversation piece.  Feast your eyes on her website, or buy online at LuisViaRoma Luxury Shopping.

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03 Sep 10

thongbai tatong

One-woman show from the Netherlands.  Her loosely collection-based and limited edition runs are for sale via her Etsy store.  Clothing, scarves and bags in her ‘cool craft’ textile collage style.  She also blogs about her latest designs, if you just can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

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27 Aug 10


I’ve been following Hardtroze for some years now and their handbags just keep getting better.  Their beautiful limited-edition designs are handmade in Amsterdam.  New designs go online at 12 noon on the first Monday of every month when the Amsterdam ‘lunch alarm’ goes off.  The site is a little bit of a Dutch/English mix, but if you want these bags hard enough, you’ll find your way to the checkout.

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03 Aug 10

mind what you wear

i used to be a bottleFull disclosure: Bea from Mind What You Wear is a friend of mine.  But I’m putting her on this list because she has some great stuff and she stands firmly behind the cause of ethical consumerism.  Her own clothing line is characterised by tongue-in-cheek(y) political statements and “clothes that make you go hmmm”.  Her website also carries lines of clothing, accessories and objects from other independent artists and designers.

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