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04 Feb 11

white owl

Sister duo White Owl make their jewelery from both new and recycled materials.  Their collection is currently largely made using lace and brocades, and I love the way their Etsy shop looks like they’ve taken the best pickings from their grandmother’s attic.

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28 Jan 11

the black spot books

Need tiny books to hang around your neck?  The Black Spot Books has them in their Etsy store! Margaux Kent and her husband Walter are up to much more recycling, reclaiming and designing with their studio The Ped and Awl.  You can tell by reading their blog.

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24 Jan 11

yorktown road

Beautifully folded, pleated and creased bags, clutches and purses are what Yorktown Road do best.  Usually working with linen, they’ve recently produced some designs in recycled leather.  Feast your eyes on their brightly-coloured beauties in their Big Cartel store, their Etsy store, or just be their friend on Facebook.

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13 Jan 11


Fink’s own tagline nouveau flowerchild chic, sums up their style pretty well, but there’s more to it.  They screenprint all their own fabrics, which are either recycled or bought as remnants.  The prints range from rock ‘n’ roll to over-sized florals, and are often printed in layers, making each fabric unique.  Their freestyle sewing celebrates handmade, with raw edges showing and multiple rows of stitching, so don’t expect factory finishing.  Buy their one-of-a-kind garments or order a custom job from their Etsy store, I Heart Fink!

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13 Dec 10


Malam is one of those crafty fashion designers for whom Etsy was made and you can tell she puts her heart and soul into her handmade creations.  Her Poupees Perdues (Lost Dolls) collection features one-off and limited edition designs ranging from key wardrobe items to her signature cheeky, quirky pieces, many using recycled, hand-dyed and re-worked industrial textiles.

Browse her collection on Etsy, follow her blog or friend her on facebook.

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25 Oct 10

margaux lange

Barbie gets a facelift at Margaux Lange.  Cheeky jewellery playing on both your sense of nostalgia and your sense of humour, Lange “re-members Barbie” with smile necklaces and ear earings!  Buy the prototypes from her her Etsy shop.

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18 Oct 10


Ninainvorm is Dutch student Nina van de Goor’s Etsy shop.  Here you can buy her handprinted and painted “upcycled” vintage ceramics, prints and whatever else she is inspired to create.  You can see on her blog that she’s a total aesthete, arranging and photographing her collections beautifully.

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27 Sep 10

talking squid

The Talking Squid Etsy store is where you can buy these shag-a-licious rugs made from 100% recycled t-shirts.  The simple, modern designs are created on the premise that recycled products don’t have to look “recycled”.  Choose from a range of different sizes and colours.

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09 Sep 10


Tinctory is a handmade textile jewellery label made in the UK.  Eva makes some of the most original and beautiful jewellery I’ve seen online, and I was completely enamoured of it even before I found out that she uses vintage materials dyed with natural plant dyes!  The Tinctory range is available online at her Big Cartel store.  If you’re as taken with these pieces as much as I am, check out her blog for a peek into her process and inspiration.

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03 Aug 10

mind what you wear

i used to be a bottleFull disclosure: Bea from Mind What You Wear is a friend of mine.  But I’m putting her on this list because she has some great stuff and she stands firmly behind the cause of ethical consumerism.  Her own clothing line is characterised by tongue-in-cheek(y) political statements and “clothes that make you go hmmm”.  Her website also carries lines of clothing, accessories and objects from other independent artists and designers.

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