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10 Jun 11


Priscille Demanche, l’image de la femme moderne, with your new shoe label Ellips – you temptress, you…  have mercy on my PayPal account!  With your vintage-look shoes made by European artisans – how are we supposed to resist?  Designed in France, made mainly on the plains of Spain, selling online via the Ellips website.  You’ll have to contact her first to ship outside of France, but you know you will… oh ouis

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24 Sep 10

taylor says

Of course you want the bottom of your high heels painted like a skateboard… don’t you?  California artist Taylor Reeve paints original art in tattoo/graffiti/pop art style on outrageous high-rise shoes and sells them in her Etsy store.  These are what I call “sitting down shoes”, but that makes them all the easier to show off.

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06 Aug 10

mohop shoes

I’m fascinated by Mohop Shoes.  They’re wooden shoes that are carved (turned?) to order.  I know!  They’ve been designed with an intricate system of ribbons and hooks to achieve countless different looks and are available in maple, cherry or walnut.  These shoes look fab and I believe her when she says on her site that they’re comfortable.  If anyone has a pair, let me know…

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