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13 Jun 11

cla contemporary

Edinburgh-based clā contemporary makes not all, but mostly ceramic jewelery.  Each piece is hand-crafted by artist Chelsea Adams.  Themes follow simple lines and textures, with subtle colour choices.  She has two Etsy stores, the main clā contemporary shop, plus clā stock, where you can pick up a taste of her style for under £15.  You can also follow her on her blog, where, among other things, I just saw a couple of delicious-looking recipes!

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24 May 11


The Weaselfactory make very cute and affordable laser-cut jewelery and housewares.  Lots of different colours and styles in their store (plus custom orders) available in both acrylic and wood.  These rings are called Oh, Happy Day / Oh Crappy Day, the idea being you can adjust them according to your mood.  Buy from their Etsy store.

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04 Apr 11

esther coombs

Love Esther Coombs’s work.  She does hand-drawn illustrations on vintage dinnerware and textiles.  All are done in pen and ink style and most are of buildings or architectural features.  All made in the UK.  Read more about her and her technique on her website or buy from her Etsy store.

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06 Dec 10

maap studio

Feeling a bit girly?  Maap Studio makes beautiful jewelery that will surely satisfy your urge to go running through a field of flowers.  Each ring/bracelet/necklace is hand-crafted in fine parian porcelain.  Pastel shades are formed into flowers reminiscent of wedding-cake icing and the matte finish gives the jewelery a special warmth.  If you’re looking for something less frilly, take a look at her polka-dotted braille rings.  Etsy or All Things Original.

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09 Nov 10


Elin Thomas’s work has its roots in lichen and fungi.  Using crochet and embroidery techniques to imitate nature, she creates tactile, organic forms in a range of colours and incorporates them into art, accessories and and home furnishings.  Her work has been featured at The Natural History Museum in London and The Museum of Craft in San Francisco.  Buy from her Etsy store or read about what she’s up to on her blog.

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03 Nov 10

jimbob art

James Ward aka Jimbob Art is an illustrator from London who sells prints and illustrated ceramics on Folksy, Etsy and Dawanda.  His current range features anthropomorphised woodland creatures and farm animals interacting with the food on your plate.  From the grisly bear Sandwich Defender to the Monsieur Mangetout dapper goat, all are hand drawn directly onto the ceramic.  See more of his work and what he’s up to on his blog.

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15 Oct 10

janine basil

Tiny hats!  Who doesn’t love a tiny hat?  Janine Basil is a milliner from the UK who can furnish your head with anything from a think-bubble fascinator to a beautiful burlesque top hat.  Buy a crown for your little princess (or big queen!) on Folksy, Dawanda, Big Cartel or Etsy.

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09 Sep 10


Tinctory is a handmade textile jewellery label made in the UK.  Eva makes some of the most original and beautiful jewellery I’ve seen online, and I was completely enamoured of it even before I found out that she uses vintage materials dyed with natural plant dyes!  The Tinctory range is available online at her Big Cartel store.  If you’re as taken with these pieces as much as I am, check out her blog for a peek into her process and inspiration.

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16 Aug 10

lisa stickley

Adorable bags, home furnishings and tableware.  Artist and designer Lisa Stickley is quickly gaining success with her contemporary retro designs, now selling at Liberties and the Tate Modern.  Much of it is produced in her original London studio, but she also uses off-shore production.  You can buy her stuff online via her website.

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