An online shopping guide for the conscious consumer


This is a list of handmade, indie, fair trade and eco-friendly online shops – mainly for clothing and accessories.  But let’s get one thing straight – we don’t shop for charity.  So first and foremost, the stuff featured on this blog is stuff that you would buy regardless of that warm fuzzy feeling you get knowing you’ve spent your money consciously.

In addition, you’ll get one or more of the following:

Handmade, not homemade

I’m a huge Etsy fan, I cannot lie.  I’m usually wearing something from Etsy or Dawanda and I rave about it to all my friends.  Unfortunately, a lot of them are put off by the mountains of, uh, stuff not to their taste on these handmade marketplaces.  On this blog, I’ll feature great quality handmade stuff to *my* taste!

Fair trade

A lot of handmade articles are fair trade by default because you’re dealing directly with the producer.  Although some of these independent designers and makers work themselves harder than most workplace regulations allow, you know you’re dealing with free-range makers.  It’s difficult to find, but I’m looking for online retailers that support fair trade in developing countries to empower local communities.

No granola socks

Eco-friendly consumerism is a bit of an oxymoron, because the friendliest you can be to the eco is to re-use, recycle or repair something you already have.  Eco-friendly now means many things, from shopping local to buying something that will last a lifetime.  In the context of this list, however, it means something that is made from a re-used, recycled or renewable resource.


Maybe it’s not handmade or fair trade, but it’s important to support the little guy, don’t you think?  I’m especially on the lookout for independent retailers with ethics that match mine and especially love the idea of a freshly-graduated design student or a stay-at-home-mum setting up an online store and connecting with people all over the world.  I’m using the independent tag for stores that aren’t necessarily handmade or eco, but support small enterprise.

Local shops for local people…

Perhaps you’re looking to support your local economy, or you just want to save on shipping fees or avoid paying import tax.  I’ll tag each entry with the country and/or area to make it easier to find online retailers near you.

Oh yeah, and

I myself am not affiliated with any organisation or company.  I just want to spread the indie love…  :)

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